Dr. Zakir Naik responds to UK ban

Dr. Zakir Naik responds by refuting allegations, providing context for his statements, and exposing the hypocrisy of the British government.

The ban on the entry of Dr. Zakir Naik in one country after other shows the helplessness of predominantly Christian West. Dr. Naik is a soft spoken, English speaking Muslim debator. He is very slim, fragile and a smiling man in his early forties. He often speaks from the point of view of Torah, Bible or the vedas and quotes references from these holy books, apart from holy Quran. He points out to Christians and Hindus, for example that covering head and wearing modest dresses is also contained in Bible and Vedas. Eating pork is not allowed in Torah and so on. People listen to him carefully as he proves with the help of quotations from Divine Books that Quranic teachings are very similar, if not exactly the same as laid down in Torah and Gospels.

Placing a ban is no solution at all. It depicts the fact vividly that the claims of so called liberal democracies of freedom of speech are hollow and seeing no way to stop spread of Islam among thinking people of these nations, their governments are taking this extreme step. It is an indirect admission that Islam is winning the battle for hearts and minds of people and no amount of propaganda and concerted hate campaigns against Islam and Muslims can restrict growth of Islam in the two continents.

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