Former German MTV host promotes Islam with new autobiography

In 1991, Kristiane Backer had the life thousands of young people dream of: She had been selected among thousands of contenders as the first German VJ for MTV Europe. Still, she was empty inside. “I am feeling so low,” she wrote in her diary. Then, in August 1992, she fell in love with Pakistan’s most famous cricket player Imran Khan. The relationship ended two years later, but Backer went on to convert to Islam in 1995.

Her story was recently published in a book entitled “From MTV to Mecca, how Islam changed my life.”

In the biography, Backer talks openly about the superficiality of the television and music business – which almost broke her, she says – and about her two failed marriages. As a convert to Islam, she has been living between two worlds, not feeling fully accepted by either. Having grown up as a Protestant in Hamburg, the 43-year-old Backer now prays five times a day to Allah and follows the Muslim law of abstaining from alcohol. She donates money to the poor and observes the Ramadan fast.

“I would be happy if my book inspired people to discover their spiritual side and to open themselves up,” said the former VJ. “On the other hand, I want to help clarify some prejudices against Islam. I want to build bridges and help support the dialogue between different religions and cultures.”

Continue reading her story here.

5 responses to “Former German MTV host promotes Islam with new autobiography”

  1. ali says:

    asa wellcome to islam sister.ALLAH TALA belss u here n hereafter.

  2. Cat Stevens says:

    Those people who thinks that they can arrange a Dialogue between Islam & Other Religions, do not fully understand the Foundations of Both Civilizations Deeply….

  3. Cat Stevens says:

    Inspite of all, I warmly Welcome my Sister in Islam….

  4. Welcome to Islam, The relegion of peace and prosperity in this world and world after life.How can I help you in your journey?Allah bless you with peace of mind and may your all goals come true .

  5. Imam Riyadi says:

    Allah called her heart to embrace Islam, am happy to see you all in this forum here.
    @Cat Stevens : I agreed with you, our sister already been learning in Islam,after knowing well might be she will know that Islam is not to compare to other religions,Islam is Islam,the religion of GOD(Allah) as I seen on BBC debate topic ( Islam&Global Terrorism ),she was just explained how so piece about Islam,I proud her to explains with strong argument because the terrorist hijacked our peaceful of values and Islamic teaching, May Allah Bless to Us,thanks.