Attempted convenience store robbery ended in reversion to Islam

A man who tried to rob a convenience store armed with a baseball bat ended up facing a rifle from the store owner, who is a Muslim. After being shown kindness by being given bread and $40, the man suddenly announced that he wanted to become a Muslim.

Rachel finds Islam, from Christianity to Islam

This is the story of Rachel (Latifa) who reverted to the religion of Islam from Christianity.

Qur’anic science leads a Czech professor to Islam

Brother Milan is a professor from Czech Republic and he speaks at the eighth International Conference on Qur’anic Science in Kuwait. He talks about what brought him to Islam.

He explains how he bought a copy of the Qur’an, and as he started reading it he started uncovering some scientific facts in the Qur’an that were not known to humanity until recently. He felt that this book can not have been written by a human. He immediately confessed to its truth and accuracy and and became a Muslim.