Reverts say Islam brings them peace

Like two young girls relating tales of their first love, Siti Sara Phang Abdullah and Nur Balqis Elaine when recounting their conversion into Islam. This month of Ramadan, the two recent converts are also excited about fasting.

Raised in a Christian home, Sara, 19, was at first fascinated by Muslim culture. She was enamoured by traditions like head scarfs, and how her Muslim friends all seemed to have a prayer constantly on their lips – like right before eating or going to the bathroom.

“But it’s not that my friends converted me, I had many Muslim friends but they didn’t talk about Islam. I fell in love with the beauty of Islam myself,” she added.

Elaine, 20, who is half-Chinese and half-Kenyah from Sarawak, talked about how she first came to know about, and then embrace Islam in secondary school.

“I had many Malay friends in school, and my heart was captured by Islam. It was a completely new and a great feeling,” she said in fluent Malay. Her mother is a Roman Catholic and so she was only exposed to Islam at school.

Smiling, she added that she felt a lot calmer now after embracing Islam.

Dressed modestly, the two young women blended in with the crowd at Perkim, an Islamic welfare organisation established to help Muslim converts adjust to new lives as Muslims, which was holding a buka puasa for new converts. (Source)

One response to “Reverts say Islam brings them peace”

  1. ma says:

    السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
    الأسلام شيء جميل ومميز يكون الإنسان راضي عن نفسة ويكون لدية إيمان وروحانية للخاق بتعرفة على خالقة وخالق الكون
    ما أجمل أن يكتشف الأنسان شيء غائب عن نفسة وبلحظة يكون يائساُ وسرعان ما يتحول إلى إنسان مؤمن
    الإسلام ليس فقط أن تعلن أو أن تشهر إسلامك ولكن الإسلام قول وعمل إي يفترق التقيد بتعاليم الإسلام وتطبيقها والعمل عليها وليس حب الدنيا فالدنيا زائلة ولن يبقى بها مخلوق فيجب على الإنسان أن يلحق على مابقي من عمرة
    لا يعني أننا ندعوا للإسلام بداعي الحقد ولكن بداعي الحب والفرحة بإن يكون له أجر وثواب بعدما كان على ظلالة

    Islam is not only to declare that your Islam and defamed Islam, but the words and the work of any adherence to the teachings of Islam parted, and the application and work on them and not love of the world for minimum transient and will not stay out on the human creature must be attached to the remained of Umrah
    Does not mean we call upon the grounds that hatred of Islam, but the grounds that love and joy to be a reward and the reward after he went up to