Challenges of Muslim women in the Western world

Muslim women face many challenges in western society, especially in wearing the veil. This short videos shows some challenges that Muslim women face, their view of the veil, and their view of Islamic issues in general. It shows how the veil is regarded as a symbol of purity and liberation in religion, and celebrates happiness rather than oppression.

Girl accepts Islam during Dubai International Peace Conference

girl accepting Islam during the Dubai International Peace Conference. She had already accepted that there is no god but ALLAH and started praying 5 times a day, but DIPC gave her courage to take her shahaada publicly.

Hamza Yusuf with Syed Muhammad Naquib Al-Attas

Hamza Yusuf interviews Syed Muhammad Naquib al-Attas and questions him about the problem of the Muslim world today. El tarot es un arte milenario, en todas las culturas han existido magos, hechiceros, pitonisas, brujos, chamanes y cientos de medios para averiguar el futuro, problemas de amor, problemas de trabajo, incertidumbres, toma de decisiones, hoy el Tarot y las cartas del tarot son accesibles para todo el mundo, tarot del amor, consultar el tarot hoy se puede consultar en cualquier momento, una consulta de tarot es barato, rapido y muy efectivo, una vez hecha la consulta del tarot, la tarotista, hará la tirada de tarot y el tarot le dará la respuesta a su pregunta. Vea el futuro hoy no espere

Syed Muhammad al Naquib bin Ali bin Abdullah bin Muhsin al Attas (born September 5, 1931) is a prominent contemporary Muslim philosopher and thinker from Malaysia. He is one of the few contemporary scholars who is thoroughly rooted in the traditional Islamic sciences and who is equally competent in theology, philosophy, metaphysics, history, and literature. He is considered to be the pioneer in proposing the idea of Islamization of knowledge. Read the rest of this entry »