Are the Muslim salaah “wasted”?

This is a silly polemic that made its rounds recently, which we feel should be refuted. According to this polemic:

It is stupid to claim or assume that when a Muslim when facing the city of Makkah their prayers is “wasted”, on several factors and just plain common sense. Among them are:

1. The polemic assumes that when someone faces a particular direction to a city, they are facing “upwards” to space. While it is true that the planet Earth is spherical, in reality the interior structure of the earth itself is layered and the top layer (called the “crust) is flat. If we assume that this polemic is correct, then when one travels to a destination anywhere on earth, he/she would be travelling in circles instead of arriving at the said destination.

2. It assumes that there is no such thing as “gravity” or that our feet are not firmly planted on the ground when performing the Muslim prayers facing towards Makkah.

3. Furthermore, when a Muslim faces Makkah, one does not expect for “prayers” to be a physical object shooting in a straight line towards the city, or that “prayers” are anything tangible or intangible. It is just an act in obedience to God, the Creator of the Heavens and the Earth. Since “prayers” are not an object, how can it be said that a Muslim is “aiming for anything”?

Hence, we can say that the creator of this image or anyone who spreads it around do not know what they are talking about. Most likely they have never taken any science subjects or have a limited understanding of astronomy to make up the rather fallacious lie about the so-called “wastage” of Muslim prayers.

And only God knows best!